This Sounds Way Too Good To Be True, Is There A Catch?
Our years of editing experience have allowed us to streamline the post-production process allowing us to knock out projects in a quick and convenient manner! YES, its Unlimited, and No, there is no catch!  
Unlimited Video Editing Requests & Revisions? 
Yep! You'll have a dedicated video editor working in direct contact with you and can send in as many requests as you'd like. Obviously they are human so you won't get your projects back instantaneously, but you'll never be limited on how much you can send in! 
How Long Does It Take To Get My Video Back?
Generally it takes 1-2 Business Days to complete a request, however sometimes it happens in less than 24 hours!
I Need 5,982 Videos Created Each Day, Can You Do That?
You can send in as many requests as you'd like and your editor will work through them like a production line. Sometimes our timelines can take longer than your business needs. In that case we recommend additional accounts or using a Freelance Video Editor.  
What Video Editing Services Are Included In My Membership?
While it's definitely not a one sized fits all solution, here are a few examples of what is covered in your membership:
     Color Correction
     Add Graphics & Text
     Add Watermarks
     Add Lower Thirds
     Add Intro/Outro Bumper
     Add Music
     Creating Square Social Media Videos 
     Online Courses
     Marketing Videos
     Ect, Ect, Ect....
What Type of Video Edits Are NOT Covered In Your Membership? 
     Feature Films
     Wedding Films
     Music Videos 
     Creative Promo Videos
How Long Does It Take To Get Started?
After signing up, we will walk you through our on-boarding process which generally takes 1-2 business days. After that, you are free to start sending over requests!
What Can We Create?
Our service is best used for requests you can reasonably explain via email, however, our team can create almost anything you can imagine, just ask!  
How Do We Get Our Video Footage In Your Hands?
Uploading to a cloud based service of your choice! Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, ect are all great options we love.
How Often Can I Request A New Edit?
As often as you like! We work through your video in a production line until the work is completed.
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